The What and Why Behind Forget Me Not

The What

Forget Me Not is a web platform that will let users create and upload videos, audio, photo or text to be delivered to family members, loved ones or friends at specific dates/times/events in the future.

Imagine it’s your 25th birthday, you get a notification from Forget Me Not saying your mother or father sent you a new message. You take the notification into the app, and to your surprise there is a video from mom or dad and you notice they look young. Like real young. They’re actually 25 years old in this video. They’re telling you that they hope you’re having a great day, and they can’t wait for you to open this video in 25 years.

You may have seen pictures of your parents of when they were younger at this point, maybe a video or two from their snapchat accounts that they still have saved since everyone stopped using it 10 years ago. But, this is completely new. The last time you saw your parents at 25 years old, was well, when you were an infant.

But now you, your mom, your dad, or both are now sitting on a bed watching this video that they sent years and years ago. Mom and Dad are looking at how young they looked, and you’re thinking about how much they love you.

This is just one example use case of the application. At launch, the platform will let you schedule memories without a known date, this is good for weddings and baptisms (or anything else really).

The Why

On November 23 2019, I lost my father to malignant brain tumor, Glioblastoma Multiforme. He was battling it for about 2 years, and to be honest, he was blessed to have more than 6 months. This is the type of cancer that is absolutely relentless, most people don’t live longer than 8 months.

Because he knew I liked building websites, iOS apps and messing around with Arduinos, he asked me to build him an app. The app was so that he could upload video messages to send to me and my brothers on our birthdays, for when we get married, Christmas and everything else.

When he told me that idea it surprised me that something like this doesn’t actually exists already. Why hasn’t this been adopted in the United States yet? And more importantly, why are we waiting until we have brain cancer to use something like this?

Thus, the quest for Forget Me Not had started (my father named the app also).

Unfortunately, I was unable to finish the app in time so most of the things he wanted to say to us were said days before his passing. I do wish that we had an app like this already established in the market so that his legacy will live on longer than I can hold onto the memories. But,

That doesn’t mean no one else can. It is the mission of myself and my Team at Forget Me Not to bring this product to life.

I do not measure the success of this company by how much revenue or profits it generates. It is measured by the amount of lives touched. It will be measured by the amount of Facebook messages or emails I get years from now, telling me how much they enjoy the platform and the value that it brings.

Final Thoughts

I am eager to release the platform to our early adopters. I hope that anyone reading this heads over to our social media pages, gives them a like/follow and engages with the content.

We are new, unheard of, and every share, like, comment or subscribe will bring us closer to getting the word out about what we’re doing here. Sign up for our newsletter! We will keep you updated about progress and offer discount codes through it as well!

I believe in the deepest parts of my heart the world needs this application more than ever. We are separated from ourselves and loved ones like never before, we need this product because it will bring us together. Forever.

Forget Me Not.

Dominic Gallo




I’m just an entrepreneur that is sharing their journey. United States Air Force Veteran and a cat daddy.

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Dominic Gallo

Dominic Gallo

I’m just an entrepreneur that is sharing their journey. United States Air Force Veteran and a cat daddy.

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